A New Short Film ‘Suicide’ from Alipurduar Likely to Hit the Social Media Soon

By Arunangshu Maitra (TNI Falakata) | TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Alipurduar, 11th July, 2017: A short film is going to hit the social media soon titled ‘Suicide’. The film is going to depict the ill effects of exorbitant expectations of the human being from others defying the capacity of the person to achieve. These expectations ultimately are going to lead a person towards suicide. The film is going to be directed by Asim Das, a youth from a village called Chikliguri of Alipurduar. The cast includes Asim himself and apart from him Debkumar Barman, Gulu Roy, Sonali Sarkar and others. All are from the same place. According to the director, the story is written by him based on the current issues prevailing in the society. Like the other audio-visual ventures from small places of North Bengal, this film is also not enjoying the financial freedom. All the actors and crew is facing huge problems in making this film. Yet it’s heartening to see the enthusiasm they have to make their dream come true.

Photo: Arunangshu Maitra (TNI)



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