Broking Agent Allegation in Folk Artist Identity Card Distribution at Islampur

By Dipankar Dey (TNI Islampur) | TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Islampur 5th July, 2017: The flagship project namely ‘Lokprasar Prakalpo’ has been introduced by the Department of Information & Cultural Affairs with the inspiration of Hon’ble Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. The main objectives of the project were to bestow dignity on folk artists by issuing them identity cards. However, this project is facing Broking Agent here in Islampur. However, this allegation is being accepted by the SDIC Office by stating staff shortage as a reason. The registration for the identity cards suddenly cropped up when the Government declared Rs. 1000 as an allowance for the card holders. It is found that people who read puja ballads (Panchali) at home also got folk artist identity cards. This has lead to the deprivation of the original folk artists to get their due and even programs. Two outsiders were found handling files of the folk artists at the office of SDIC Office. When asked they said that they were instructed to work by the higher officials. In this regard when asked the SDICO Mr. Paras Kumar Singh told TNI that the allegation of Broking Agent is totally baseless. It is because of the staff shortage the two men were given permission to work. On the otherhand, the SDO said that ‘This is not expected. I will take action after getting the full information”.

Photo: Dipankar Dey (TNI)



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