Fface Calender 2017 Season 2, The Reality Show is About to Launch Soon in Kolkata

By R. Subrata (TNI)  |  TNI Editing Kolkata

Webdesk, TNI Kolkata, 20th April, 2017: Fface Calendar 2017 Reality Show is all ready to start its season 2. With Fface Calendar commencing its 5th edition of the calendar launch in 2018, the reality show which started last year in Music Bangla gained huge popularity is all set to air their episodes from next month for the current edition.  Fface Calendar which is now called “Gionee Fface Calendar” from 2017 has massive plans of expansion in the next edition. Exotic location, more popular cover face for the calendar is on the cards. The talent hunt will also expand to more cities in the east for the next edition, says Neil Roy, founder director for Fface. The reality show also directed by Neil Roy, presented by Cherry Entertainment, led by visionaries like Yogesh Khemka and Rajesh Saraf came on board to release the 2nd edition of this TV show. The first ever show in the east where budding talents fight to be a part of the scintillating world of glamour through the prestigious platform of the Gionee Fface Calendar. The trailer was released recently showed glimpses of Director Raj Chakraborty, Actors Kanchan Mallick, Rudranil Ghosh, Vikram Chatterjee, Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee, Riddhima Ghosh and Gaurav Chakraborty as mentors. The channel and timing of the star studded reality show will be announced shortly.

Poster: Fface, Kolkata



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