ISDH Aaya Mashis Loose Job, Medical Negligence Allegation Underplayed

By Dipankar Dey (TNI Islampur) | TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Islampur, 6th July, 2017: The Aaya Mashis of Islampur Sub Divisional Hospital (ISDH) have lost their job and are now sitting idle. Last Sunday an agitation occurred when the relatives of deceased patients alleged negligence of the treatment by the doctors and also the highhandedness against the Aaya Mashis of ISDH. However, the stick went against the Aaya Mashis. When TNI enquired about the incident the ISDH authorities denounced that the Aaya Mashis are not appointed by them. The service provided by them is through the instructions of Islampur Municipality. The sacking of them also lies in the hands of Islampur Municipality. Whatever may be the reason the question arises, is the sacking of the Aaya Mashis are an attempt to undermine the level of negligence by the ISDH authorities?

Photo: Dipankar Dey (TNI)



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