Joy Bhaduri: The New Film Maker From Balurghat [VIDEO]

Dipankar Mitra

‘Joi Da’ the common name is going rounds the corner at Sanket Club area of Balurghat. The man is Joy Nirupam Bhaduri, a resident of this place and a short film director. He has risen to fame by making his dream come true. The son of Smt. Panchami Bhaduri, has grown up in a musical environment. He learned his singing lessons from his mother later he also learned guitar. Ultimately, he rested his dreams in making films. He started scripting, story writing etc. In this age with the advent of social media, it has become easier to express and draw audiences towards a production called short film. Joy Bhaduri never missed this opportunity.

Till now he has completed 12 short films. Not only that he has bagged two awards and the extra appreciations are the added value in this. The Balurghatians consider Joy Bhaduri as one of the gifted talents of this place. He is not only a filmmaker but also a writer, musician, poet and many more. He is presently with many cultural magazines, and newspapers from India and Bangladesh. Joy Bhaduri also realizes that the fame to entertainment world is somehow become easy unlike to the earlier days. Digital camera, editing technology, and social media platform have paved in the way of making the revolution by the young aspiring filmmakers today.

Photos: Dipankar Mitra (TNI)



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