Manit Singh of Kolkata Receives Award for Livestock Entrepreneurship

TNI News Service

Webdesk, TNI Kolkata, 22nd February, 2018: Manit Singh, a Kolkata based young entrepreneur who works for the betterment of livestock in Kolkata. He has launched a unique campaign related to livestock to save and serve livestock in Kolkata. The campaign aims to create positive awareness about the utilities of cow dung and cow urine for fertilizers, organic products, and biogas, leading to growth in Start-ups & Employment along with service and protection of old and ill cows for the betterment of eco-system. His team works to develop awareness for boosting starts-ups and employment by protecting livestock. Mr. Manit Singh informed TNI of his plans to launch his website that will give information about Organic Products and the benefits of livestock. Recently, Mr. Manit was honored with “Gau Seva Excellence Award”. In the event, Mr. Asish Basak, Organizer, appreciated the work of Manit towards his commitment to the society.



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