Private Tuition Den of Government School Teachers Busted in Siliguri [VIDEO]

TNI News Service (TNS)

Webdesk, TNI Siliguri, 12th September, 2017: Yesterday a group of Private Tutors from Siliguri under the banner of their organization West Bengal Private tutors welfare association made a Gandhigiri move by going straight to the private tuition centers (Mostly Residential places) of the Government School Teachers of Siliguri in the name of felicitation.

The action was taken along with the group of press personnel of various houses. On sniffing problem, most of the school teachers either fled the spot or didn’t turn up despite staying indoors. For many days the WBPTWA is fighting for the removal of this social problem. It is alleged that though there are laws in place against the practice of the private tuitions in lieu of money for the Government school teachers or the Government Sponsored School Teachers yet the practice never ended. A section of the teachers always resorts to Private tuitions. The General Secretary of WBPTWA Siliguri Zone Mr. Vivekananda Saha said that such kind of action by WBPTWA will continue against those who break the law and practice such illegal acts in lieu of money.



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  1. What’s wrong with that if a school teacher teaching or in other words spreading his/her valuable knowledge and time to students ? If a doctor can practise privately if lawyer can consult privately if an engineer can make plans despite having govt. job then what’s wrong with teacher ??? If the students have no problem why do you media people making it an issue ??? Did media forget there job ?? Oh sorry!! even you people are saleable now. Where are the ethics now ?? If students are going to school teachers it’s their own choice. And remember this profession is a noble one. And nobody can snatch this right from any teacher or student as it’s our fundamental right i.e. Right to life and liberty and its protection guaranteed by Article 21 of the Constitution of India. I’m also a private tutor and not working in any govt. sector and I got no problem with school teachers teaching. These are the conspiracy of some failure wasted teachers of Siliguri who got no knowledge at all and so they have nothing to give to students. Well there’s a question for all the private tutors teaching English: SHE IS BEING A DANCER. Please change the voice of the sentence written in block letters. Thank you.

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