Ramrajatala Road of Howrah Under Water in Two Days of Rain

By Surojit Malick (TNI Howrah) | TNI Editing Kolkata

Webdesk, TNI Howrah, 23rd July, 2017: Howrah city is today under knee deep water after continuous two days of rains lashed the district. This has caused huge problems for the pedestrians. They have to walk through the deep muddy waters in the streets.

The areas mostly affected areas are Ramrajatala, Jogacha Road etc. The main road of Howrah is Ramrajatala Road. However, during the rainy season, it is impossible to identify this main road. Moreover, it becomes dangerous if the man holes are kept open. According to the common people, this is a routine problem of Howrah. The municipal boards come and go but the situation remains the same.

Photos: Surojit Malick (TNI)



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