Rangali Bazna – Deogaon Road in Now the ‘Sorrow of Deogaon’

By Hosni Firdaus (TNI Birpara) | TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Birpara 8th August, 2017: The one and only road which is the main lifeline of the people of Deogaon has become the “Sorrow of Deogaon”. The road connects Deogaon with the 5th mile (Santpukuria) and Rangali Bazna Chowpatty. The road has not been repaired in nearly for the last 10 years. ough, the road is 15 km long but it takes 1 hr to cover for any vehicle due to its poor condition.

The college goers of Deogaon who go to Falakata College and Birpara College face so many problems because of the poor road condition as they must go college and tuition daily. The people of Deogaon are dependent on Falakata and Birpara Hospital for any health regarding issues but its impossible for any vehicle to reach either of the hospitals in 30minutes. One of the residents of Deogaon shared his views as “It seems that we are living here 10 years back than other parts of India, even we are deprived of the minimum facilities of life, and how we can make ourselves on par with rest of the world?”. He also added, “The concerned authorities were contacted several times but till date no fruitful movement had been taken towards the repair of the road.”

Photos: Hosni Firdaus (TNI)



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