Second Murder Occurred at Coochbehar Within 4 Days [VIDEO]

By Manoj Hoque Sarkar (TNI Coochbehar) | TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Coochbehar, 15th July, 2017: Within a gap of four days there is again another murder at Coochbehar. This time a meat seller died with bullet injuries. The incident occurred 2 kms away from the Coochbehar town near Takagach – Karishal area. From the deceased family sources, it is learned that the name of the deceased is Rafikul Islam (40). He was originally a resident of Sutkabari area but used to stay at his in-laws i.e. at Takagach area. He was a meat seller of this area. There were many other meat sellers selling meat in the area. They and Rafikul didn’t have good relations among themselves due to business rivalry. According to the family members of Rafikul, a meat seller had threatened Rafikul of dire consequences if Rafikul sells meat in the area. Yesterday night Rafikul was called by some unknown men and they pushed bullets in his head. He was immediately rushed to MJN Hospital but the doctors declared him dead on arrival. The accused were missing from the area. Police have started an investigation into the incident.

Photo & Video: Manoj Hoque Sarkar (TNI)



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