Sex Racket Busted at the Heart of Coochbehar Town, 7 Arrested [VIDEO]

By Manoj Hoque Sarkar (TNI Coochbehar) | TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Coochbehar, 15th July, 2017: Today Coochbehar Kotwali Police arrested 7 people in connection with running a sex racket at a Hotel of Coochbehar. This included the owner of the Hotel also. Today during noon hours in a secret tip off the Coochbehar Police under the leadership of SI Smt. Sonam Maheshwari raided a Hotel near Haripal Chowpatty of Coochbehar. Three men and women were caught red handed in an objectionable condition by the police.

The hotel owner was arrested because the nabbed people were allowed in the rooms without verifying any photo id cards. The incident left the nearby businessmen of the area stunned. However, all of the arrested informed that they are married couples and they have come to Coochbehar for medical treatment. Police sources, from the Kotwali Police Station, however, confirmed that all of the arrested have submitted fake documents for identification.

Photo & Video: Manoj Hoque Sarkar (TNI)



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