Siliguri Baghajatin Park Chicken Pokora Stalls Under Goon’s Hit List

TNI News Service

Webdesk, TNI Siliguri, 4th July, 2017: Baghajatin Park area is always a bustling place of Siliguri. Not only for its political activities but also for its tastier snacks sold in the temporary stalls which come into place every evening. Over the years the place is known for its chicken pakoras sold from various stalls of this area. People from various parts of Siliguri even outside the city are lured in for these tongue sympathizers. Among the stalls, the famous is that of Mr. Sajal Sarkar’s stall, also known as ‘Sajal’s counter’ for Chicken pakora. This counter is the oldest counter of this area and the most sought after. However, these bustling have now come under the glare of the extortionists and local goons. Mostly, they belong from the adjacent shanties of Bagrakote area. Every evening the local goons come and ask for extortion money from all the stalls. If not given then they would threaten for dire consequences.


All the activities happen during the time of the brisk business. Mr. Sajal Sarkar was recently attacked by them in the open. Even they threatened Mr. Sarkar of more dangerous consequences. Mr. Sarkar told TNI that “After they attacked me, I fled from the spot leaving aside my stall and the staff, who were in a state of shock. Then they also threatened my staff to leave the place immediately”. Looking no other way Mr. Sarkar complained to the Police about the incident. Other stall owners also have the similar opinions. According to them if such incidents occur then there will be no other way but to leave the place forever. The Chicken pakora stall owners are now going through a state of shock.

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