Transport Strike Makes Patna a Deserted Look

TNI News Service

Webdesk, TNI Patna, 27th March, 2017: Today Patna city remained silent as the transporters strike hit the roads. The strike was called by a section of All India Road Transport Worker’s Foundation. From the morning the bandh picketers blocked the road and continued their slogans. As the day progressed more and more commuters faced problem everywhere. Most affected were the long distance travelers who remained stranded at the bus stop, railway stations. However, the strike was declared previously and according to the strikers, the buses and autos plying through the entire Patna City remained out of the road. The essential services were kept out of the strike. The transport strike was called in protest of the extra taxes, fines installed on the transporters through the Road Transport Security Bill. The Foundation told TNI that no force is being applied in the strike.



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