Under Developed Villages from Mekhliganj Suffering from Communication Problems [VIDEO]

By Swapan Roy Bir (TNI Mekhliganj) | TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Mekhliganj 6th August, 2017: A village named Salbari-Darikamari of Mekhliganj Block under Coochbehar district is presently reeling in problems due to the Sangli River. This river is surrounding the village from all three sides. On the other side of the river is Bangladesh Border. However, due to this, the economically backward place is really suffering. The students, patients and common people are finding it hugely difficult to travel across the river during heavy monsoon.

A temporary bamboo structure is already there but it is of no use during rains, because most of the time the structure is washed away by the heavy current. Local resident Bablu Barman told TNI that, every time the villagers have informed the Panchayat and even the BDO in written but no steps were taken. On the other hand, the BDO office sources said that no such complaint reached their office. However, the local Panchayat acknowledged the receipt of the complaint but only informed that discussion will take place for building a bridge on the river.

Photos & Video: Swapan Roy Bir (TNI)



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