Warzone Raiganj, Adivasis Vandalize Entire Raiganj in Protest of Rape [VIDEO]

By Partha Chatterjee (TNI Raiganj) | TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Raiganj, 14th July, 2017: In the name of Adivasi Agitation for protesting against the rape of four women at Raiganj on 4th July 2017, the agitators ransacked entire Raiganj town. The town looked like a war zone during the time of ransacking with fire everywhere along with looting by the miscreants.

Vehicles and motor bikes were torched even parked inside houses. The MLA of Raiganj Mr. Mohit Sengupta alleged the police in action about the incident. He charged that the police knew previously about the outcome yet they did not bring any sort of precautionary measures. The businessmen were furious about the incident as they were in a loss of more than crores of rupees in total. Byabshayee Samitis of Raiganj has called in for a total business bandh at Raiganj from tomorrow.

Mr. Atanu Bandhu Lahiri told TNI that “We business community is the soft target for any sort of agitation. History also says that. Today also the same thing happened. Today almost all the shops of the main Raiganj were smashed by the hooligans without any provocation. If the government is not going to give protection to the business community and give us the compensation of today’s damage, we stand in for a total Business Bandh for an indefinite period”.

Photos: Subhradeep Moitra (Raiganj)



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