Yi – CII Conducted a Peer Learning Workshop Today at Siliguri

By Hirak. D (TNI Siliguri) | TNI Editing Siliguri

Webdesk, TNI Siliguri, 2nd July, 2017: Members of Young Indians Siliguri Chapter are a powerhouse of talent and expertise. They showcased their abilities to their own members in Yi Learning Network v4.0 today. This session received an overwhelming response from the attending members. In this Peer Learning Initiative, members share their domain knowledge and in the process, learn with/from fellow members.

This is a session For the Members, By the Members. Young Indians come from all spheres of business and are specialists in their fields of operation. These sessions are an effort to tap into this internal goldmine. Mr. Piyush Garg gave insights about “Doing Business with China” & Mr. Jaspal Bindra enlightened the house about “Forest Bathing”. Members wanted a practical demo of the concept.

Photos: Yi, Siliguri



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